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Why choose the Montessori Method?

“Education is a natural process carried out by the child and is not acquired by listening to words but by experiences in the environment.”
– Maria Montessori

By now you’ve probably done some research and talked to people who are familiar with Montessori education and all that it encompasses. Even so, it’s hard to fully understand the benefits of the Montessori Method of learning and decide if it’s the right path for your little ones to take! So we’re here to help. This post aims to help you get a better grasp on what the Montessori Method really encompasses in a clear, concise outline, focusing on the key components and benefits of this method of learning that we’re so passionate about!

Maria Montessori, the first female doctor in Rome, designed the Montessori Method over 100 years ago after devoting much of her life to researching how children interact, learn, and thrive. She tested and refined the idea that children prosper through active exploration with their environment and personal development rather than exams and procedures.  This innovative approach in which our children learn and teach themselves through discovery and interest is believed to inspire an engaged, confident, and self-thinking child. The Montessori Method addresses different learning styles and places children in multiage classrooms to discover their own potential. Because it takes on such a different method to learning than the traditional classroom, we know that parents want to fully understand the benefits to choosing a Montessori preschool for their little ones before enrolling them. So here goes…

  • Each child is unique.
    The Montessori Method values each child as a unique individual with different learning styles and abilities. Since each child has different needs, they have the freedom to grow at their own pace.
  • Children develop order, coordination, and independence.
    Because the Montessori classroom allows children to explore everything at their reach, the child himself is setting the ground rules that are then enforced by the teacher and other students. They are encouraged to be active seekers of knowledge. This sharpens important skills such as order, coordination, and independence.
  • There is a strong emphasis on community.
    One of the benefits to a Montessori education is the multiage classrooms. The close caring classrooms inspire a family-like atmosphere where children can feel a sense of community. Similarly, older children can act as mentors where they can all learn from one another. They learn to respect one another and engage in cooperative play.
  • Children are encouraged to explore freedom within limits.
    Students are active participants in what they learn. This curiosity fosters substantial learning over a lifetime. This also fosters self-correction which allows children to learn from their errors. With the aid of visually appealing materials, stimulating programs, and passionately active teachers, the Montessori Method of learning shapes a self-thinking individual.

Sure, the Montessori Method sounds good on paper, but how can you be completely certain that this is the right method for your preschoolers? Ultimately, only you can decide the best place for your little fellas, but research has shown that a focus on personal development has led to more mature children who are creatively and socially adept. At Curious Child Montessori we’re extremely passionate about spreading the Montessori Method of learning. We love our students and provide them with enriching programs and teachers to help reach their full potential through active exploration and discovery!