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What is Montessori?

Dr. Maria Montessori developer of the Montessori Method.What is Montessori? The Montessori Method is an education system developed by Dr. Maria Montessori over 100 years ago. The method is child-centered, based on scientific observations of children from birth to adulthood. The Montessori approach to education was consciously designed to recognize and address individual learning styles. This gives children a chance to absorb the material and learn at their own individual pace, to have individual accomplishments recognized and build self-confidence and a love for learning. It has been successful for over a century in cultures throughout the world as an approach to education that embraces the spirit of the child, values the development of the whole, and nurtures the physical, social, emotional and cognitive needs of each child.

In a Montessori school classroom you can expect to find multi-age groupings. In a Toddler classroom you will find ages 18 months to 3 year olds and in a Primary classroom you will find 3 year to 6 year olds working together to create a better understanding of the world around them. Younger children love to learn from older children and older children love to teach what they have learned, and this reinforces the concepts they have already mastered. This set-up resembles that of a real world work place where individuals work and play with people of all ages. Classrooms are not run by a teacher alone, but rather they are guided by their teacher. The teacher introduces the children in managing their own classroom community, which develops leadership and independence. At Curious Child Omaha Montessori School we fully embrace the Montessori Method of learning.

Benefits of a Montessori Preschool:

  • Each child is unique. We accommodate different learning styles and needs.
  • Students develop a sense of order, coordination, independence and concentration.
  • Close caring classroom-feels like home
  • Freedom within limits: the ability to choose their focus of learning within set guidelines
  • Students are encouraged to become active seekers of knowledge. We help children find the answer not just give it to them.
  • Once children master a concept they are presented with the next level.